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Addiction Specialists

Addiction specialistsWhen Kansas City residents choose to get addiction help, they are putting their future in the hands of others. They are trusting the rehab workers to help them leave rehab sober and remain sober for the rest of their years. Addicts want to know who will be taking care of them. Providing rehab treatment is an enormous responsibility and most treatment centers recognize this. Rehab professionals have been specifically trained in addiction services, and are recognized as experts or specialists. Before entering rehab, Kansas City citizens may find comfort in learning about the people who will be aiding their recovery. A rehab facility generally provides background information on their entire staff in a brochure or on a website. Before choosing a rehab center, addicts should inquire about the specialists who will be taking care of them.

Who Will Help Me Recover from Addiction?

There are many specialists involved in the rehab process. Depending upon the facility and recovery program chosen, the people who aid in addiction recovery can vary from a staff of five to a staff of fifty. Quality treatment programs will offer a majority of the same specialists. The following are all examples of specialists that should be found at a quality treatment facility:

  • Medical director – this person should be specialized in addiction medicine and have training in the psychiatry field. The medical director will be the head of the medical rehab staff and know of the appropriate treatment programs for Kansas City residents. The rest of the medical staff will follow the director’s orders and methods of medical treatment.
  • Psychiatrist – an addiction psychiatrist specializes in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of disorders related to addiction. Addiction psychiatrists have completed medical school with specialized training in psychiatry, or the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders. They then continue their education by specializing in addiction to treat cases of dual diagnosis, trauma and abuse, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety/panic disorders, pain management, OCD, and other impulse control disorders.
  • Psychologist – this person specializes in human behavior and mental processes. He or she attempts to understand patients and their ways of thinking; this can involve perception, emotion, motivation, personality, behavior, interpersonal relationships and much more.
  • Counselors and therapists – these individuals have been highly trained in the field of psychology and have specialized in addiction psychology. They have been trained not only to understand the human behavior and mental processes of an addict, but have also been trained in rehab services. Counselors and therapists provide an emotional connection for the addict. They are ready to support, encourage, coach and listen to a recovering addict’s needs.
  • Nurse – nurses are trained to assist a patient’s medical needs throughout the rehab process. They may administer medication, and provide medical assistance throughout the detox process. A nurses’ duty is to follow the physician’s orders and make sure Kansas City patients are receiving safe medical treatment.

Help Finding Addiction Specialists for Kansas City Residents

Finding quality addiction treatment is essential for proper recovery and avoiding a relapse in a nasty addiction cycle. Before choosing a rehab facility, make sure to research the credentials of not only the facility, but the staff as well. The rehab center should be licensed with a staff of medically certified addiction specialists. To find a quality rehab treatment center call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline today. We can help connect you to the quality treatment centers that provide only the best rehab. Your recovery needs are important to us. If you live in Kansas City and need help finding rehab, call now and begin your recovery today.

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