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What Happens After a Kansas City Drug Detox?

What happens after a Kansas City drug detox?You may think that once you’ve entered into drug detox, you’re done with your addiction treatment. After all, detox stops you from using, and that is the main goal, isn’t it? Well, that’s not the end of the line because there’s a strong psychological component to addiction, even when a physically addictive drug is abused. It’s crucial that you’re aware of the other options available to you after detox or you risk sacrificing your hard work.

Rehab After Drug Detox

A rehab program is an essential component of recovery that should come after drug detox. You have the choice of staying at an inpatient facility or receiving care on an outpatient basis, but whatever option you choose, you will find the support and counseling offered will provide you with the greatest benefits. You will have the opportunity to speak one-on-one with a certified addiction counselor that can help you address and learn to cope with psychological issues or stresses that may have contributed to your drug use. You will also be able to join group sessions and discuss the same issues with other addicts in recovery who can relate to your struggles.

Sober Living After Drug Detox

Sober living homes in the United States allow addicts to slowly make their transition back into their lives after they’ve been released from rehab. When you attend sober living, in Kansas City or elsewhere across the US, you do begin taking on responsibilities again; you have to get a job, pay your rent and generally become more self-sufficient. However, you aren’t on your own as there is support offered to you and you are living in a drug-free environment where there are no temptations to use.

Importance of Care After Detox for Kansas City Addicts

The US Department of Health and Human Services reports than 78 percent of individuals enrolled in rehab require combined care to treat addiction and mental health. There are proven links between specific mental health conditions, past emotional trauma and general daily stress to drug abuse. When you attend detox, you will have the drugs removed from your system yet your psychological needs are not addressed.  This is why drug abuse treatment can’t just end with detox, or you’ll find yourself using again because you’ll still be trying to cope with the same demons that played a role in your drug use in the past. There are also risks that can be fatal if you return to your same life in Kansas City following detox. If you relapse, there is a much stronger likelihood that you will overdose because of your body’s reduced tolerance to the substance.

Finding Treatment for Kansas City Addicts

There are options available for Kansas City addicts who have attended detox but aren’t sure what their next step should be. We can provide you with leads to some of the country’s best rehab and sober living homes that will allow you to continue to get the treatment you need.

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