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Avoiding Problematic Drug Use Patterns

Avoiding Problematic Drug Use Patterns

Going through alcohol or drug rehab is a great way to get the help you need to break addiction. Rehab will help Kansas residents build coping skills that they may have lost, like recognizing and avoiding problematic drug use patterns. Failing to avoid to these issues can be a short trip to relapse, so get help today to avoid this problem.

Patterns of Addiction

Working with addiction counselors in rehab can teach Kansas residents how their addictions began, because addictions tend to start in any of the predictable ways:

  • Toxic relationships. Unless you distance yourself from toxic relationships, you will rapidly return to old habits that encouraged drug use.
  • Isolation. While spending time in toxic relationships is a poor plan for addiction recovery, Kansas residents should also consider how isolation can facilitate addiction. The power of addiction is that it typically isolates addicts from family, friends and activities that threaten drug abuse. Repairing fractured relationships can keep you from spending too much time alone, which may encourage you to abuse drugs for entertainment or solace. Keep in mind that isolation, loneliness and boredom can be quick routes to relapse.
  • Dangerous activities and stress. Consider how your life was out of control before rehab. You may have skipped work, got into trouble with the law, stayed out all night, spent time with toxic influences and even distanced yourself from those who care for you. If you think about how these factors contributed to addiction, you may be inspired to change them and seek new, healthier practices.
  • Deceit and denial are two major parts of any addiction. As drug addicts deceive others, they also deceive themselves into drug abuse, which can lead to relapse. Using the coping and communication skills from rehab will help you be honest and open with yourself, your counselor and your network of support.

Addicts may become addicted through predictable ways, but they can get clean if they have the right help.

Kansas Addiction Help

If you or a Kansas loved one is struggling with sobriety and seeks addiction treatment, then please call our toll-free helpline today. Our counselors will listen to your concerns and offer practical solutions to your problems. The helpline is open 24 hours a day, and our counselors can even verify your insurance coverage for rehab, so there is no reason to wait. Reach out for help right now and begin your recovery.

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