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Addictions that Can Benefit from a Kansas City Rehab Program

Addictions that Can Benefit from a Kansas City Rehab ProgramRehab centers offer safe, positive settings that allow Kansas City addicts to overcome their addictions. All types of substance abuse can be treated in rehab despite the popular belief that not all drugs are addictive.

Marijuana, for example, is one highly abused drug that Americans fail to take seriously. It may not be physically addictive, but it can lead to future use of hard drugs, and only 46 percent of Americans recognize this fact. Myths like this one promote false information about the benefits of rehab detox centers and the types of addicts that can benefit from attending.

Drug Addictions that Require Treatment

Regardless of the substance used, once abuse begins, treatment is beneficial. The true depth of addiction reveals itself once drug use becomes the top priority in an addict’s life. Recognizing the treatment benefits for different drug addictions can push addicts to admit themselves to a center. Outlined below are some addictions that plague the Kansas City population:

  • Marijuana addiction – Abuse of marijuana leads to a psychological addiction, rather than a physical one that is accompanied by withdrawal symptoms. Marijuana abuse does not require detox, but rehab does teach addicts how to cope with stress and experience feelings of happiness and relaxation without abusing marijuana. There are Americans in treatment already taking advantage of these benefits, as 14 percent of publicly funded rehab attendees are admitted for marijuana addiction, according to the National Institute for Drug Abuse.
  • Alcohol abuse – Around 24 percent of current rehab patients have been admitted for alcoholism. Alcohol abuse forms a physical addiction that makes detox necessary due to the withdrawal symptoms experienced by 40 percent of alcoholics. Shakiness, sweating, nausea and alcohol delerium — the most severe withdrawal symptom — are all common in individuals who suddenly stop drinking. These symptoms can be fatal for 10 to 20 percent of alcoholics.
  • Cocaine addiction – Like marijuana, cocaine is solely a psychologically addictive drug. The treatment protocol is essentially the same one used for marijuana and addiction to other drugs under this classification.
  • Heroin addiction – Aince this is another physically addictive drug, individuals suffering from heroin addiction require detox to control unbearable symptoms of withdrawal that may lead to relapse. Injecting heroin can cause addicts to contract diseases like Hepatitis B and HIV, making the support components of rehab essential for those who struggle psychologically as a result of these health concerns.
  • Prescription drug abuse – Non-medicinal use of prescription drugs has become an epidemic in Kansas City and across the country. Detox may be required for physically addictive medications like opiates but some stimulants and depressants dictate the need for counseling.

Please note that the above drugs are not the only addictions that require or benefit from rehab treatment.

Treating Kansas City Drug Addictions with Detox and Rehab

Once you’ve defined your addiction as physical or psychological, you can evaluate the treatment options available to you. If you choose to travel outside of Kansas City to escape a lifestyle that’s filled with temptation, residential drug rehab is your best choice. Many live-in rehab facilities use a multi-faceted approach for recovery and offer both detox and counseling to serve all types of substance abuse. Those addicted to more than one substance — like 18 percent of Americans in public rehab who abuse alcohol and another illicit drug — will find the greatest benefits from these facilities. Please call us today today so we can help you find the best facility for your recovery.

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