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Choosing the Right Kansas City Drug Rehab Program

Choosing the right Kansas City drug rehab programA large portion of individuals that enter into rehab to treat an addiction will recover from their substance abuse problem as relapse rates are only 35 percent. However, rehab does not guarantee success, especially not for those who neglect to choose the right treatment program for their addiction. We can help guide you in your quest for a suitable rehab facility if you call us, but there are a few things you should consider first.

Types of Drug Rehab Programs for Kansas City Addicts

When you’re considering your drug treatment options, you need to understand that there are different types of programs that each come with their own benefits:

  • Residential Rehab: In residential rehab you will be removed from that negative environment that has encouraged your drug related behavior in the past. You live on site at the rehab facility for the duration of your treatment, which can be a few days or several months. Depending upon your drug of choice, the treatment plan established for you may include medical or natural detox, individual counseling, group counseling and a variety of other positive, physical and creative activities. Residential rehab is often recommended to Kansas City residents who have a severe physical addiction to drugs like heroin, crystal meth or prescription opiates.  This is because it’s a safe, supervised environment for drug detox among the additional things mentioned above.
  • Outpatient Rehab: In outpatient rehab, you continue to live at home or in another venue but you don’t remain at the treatment center 24/7. When enrolled in an outpatient drug rehab program, a treatment plan is established and you attend group or individual counseling sessions based on a set schedule. You can also receive detox care on an outpatient basis, but will be asked to drop by a treatment center, medical facility or pharmacy to pick up your daily or weekly dose of medication. The benefit of this type of drug rehab program is that you can continue to go to work and spend time with your family. The downside is that you may be exposed directly to drugs or stresses that can lead to abuse.  For these reasons, a drug rehab program of this type is better suited to addicts with minor addictions.
  • Holistic Rehab: In holistic rehab, natural treatment methods treat your addiction using an approach that focuses upon the mind, body and spirit. Detox and treatment in holistic rehabilitation don’t rely upon traditional medicinal techniques. Instead, activities like yoga, hiking, swimming and meditation are used to help alleviate drug withdrawal symptoms, and help an addict generate a more positive outlook on life. Any type of addiction can be treated in holistic rehab with the prospect of recovery, and it’s best suited for those that favor a natural lifestyle.
  • Teen Rehab: If you’re under the age of 18, treatment at a rehab facility that caters to your age group is an option that can be beneficial. Most teens feel more comfortable opening up to their peers rather than adults who they feel may not understand them. Staff at a teen rehab facility are also used to dealing with the specific factors that influence teen drug use and can provide treatment with a specialized approach.




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