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Drug and Alcohol Detox Options

Drug and Alcohol Detox OptionsThere are a variety of detox options available to Kansas City residents struggling with drug addiction. Depending on an individual’s specific circumstances, the drug they’re addicted to and how long they’ve been addicted, the detox option that is best will vary. Alcohol detox is different from drug detox and even then, detox from one drug can be different than another.

Detox centers strive to create a controlled environment that allows a patient to receive the treatment they need away from the stress of life and the circumstances that lead to their addiction in the first place.

What Is Detoxification?

Detox is the process by which a toxic substance is removed from an individual’s body. Generally, a drug can be cleared from the body with 3 days to a week after the individual discontinues use. It is important that you find the right center for you and your individual needs. Despite good intentions, not all detox centers are equal. Some things to look for in a detox center are the following:

  • Accreditation by the Joint Commission
  • 24 hour nursing support
  • Physicians certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine
  • Ability to safely manage physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms
  • Holistic services

Types of Detoxification Centers

The following are the two primary types of detox and/or rehab centers:

  • Outpatient – outpatient facilities do not require the patient to stay at the facility. For less severe cases, this can be ideal because it causes less disruption to the individual’s life. Often patients can continue working at their job and, for the most part, go about their normal lives while undergoing treatment. While this option can sound attractive, it is not suitable for most addicted individuals. Generally more drastic action is needed to achieve true and lasting recovery.
  • Inpatient – inpatient facilities are prepared to house Kansas City residents in an environment that allows for their full recovery and aftercare. During a stay at an inpatient facility, patients go through detox and withdrawals under the watchful eye of licensed doctors and nurses who can manage symptoms safely. Some inpatient centers are dubbed “luxury” centers – they provide a spas-like atmosphere and strive to make recovery a reward and not a punishment. These centers administer treatment along with holistic treatments including massage and exercise.

Detox Help for Kansas City Addicts

If you live in Kansas City and need help for an addiction, call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline today. A representative is waiting to assist you in finding the treatment center that is right for you. Every person is different. So is the treatment that is right for them. Call today and start recovering now.

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