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Kansas City Drug Detox Programs

Kansas City drug detox programsIf your drug of choice is classified as physically addictive — meaning you experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop using —  the first stop on your journey to recovery should be detox. Statistics show that without any kind of treatment, relapse rates are as high as 50 to 90 percent. Relapse often occurs when addicts feel they have to start using again in order to alleviate the uncomfortable effects of drug withdrawal. Detox is an essential component of drug rehab that prevents this otherwise never-ending  addiction cycle. During the process, medications and holistic techniques are used to control withdrawal symptoms as all traces of toxins are removed from the body to prevent future cravings.

Why Is Detox Necessary for Kansas City Addicts?

It’s not just the strong chance of relapse that makes detox essential for Kansas City abusers of physically addictive substances like heroin, opiates or alcohol. There are also adverse health effects that can have long-term consequences or cause fatality if the detox process is unsupervised. For alcohol withdrawal, mortality rates are around 10 percent. There are different approaches to detox, but in most cases health care professionals conduct the process and they monitor the vital signs of patients to ensure that the withdrawal effects merely cause discomfort rather than serious harm.

What Detox Techniques Are Used for Addiction Treatment?

There are two main approaches to detox: natural drug detox that relies upon holistic techniques, and medical detox which is more traditional. With an understanding of how each of these programs work, Kansas City addicts can choose their detox facility based on their personal values.

Natural Drug Detox: In this type of detox, holistic methods, rather than traditional medicine, are used to control the symptoms of drug withdrawal. Half of the American population has embraced alternative medicine, and if you’re someone who favors it, this may be your best recovery option. In natural drug detox, your withdrawal symptoms may be treated with herbal supplements, and you’ll learn to relax and focus on internal healing with activities like yoga and meditation. Some Kansas City addicts prefer this option if they are concerned about treating their drug addiction with other medications that they could become reliant upon.

Medical Drug Detox: Medical detox is the option that people are more aware of because of its traditional medical methods that rely upon prescription drugs to treat withdrawal. The specific techniques applied depend upon the addiction and the health of each individual, but Methadone is a common choice, particularly when treating opiate addiction. This medication can suppress symptoms for up to 72 hours and slowly ween Kansas City addicts off their drugs of choice. If you’re more comfortable going through detox in a true medical setting, then this may be a good option for you, especially if your addiction is severe.

Detox is the first step in the recovery process and many Kansas City rehab facilities won’t allow you to admit yourself to their program until you’re clean. We can help you find a quality detox program outside of Kansas City so you can start rebuilding your life.

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