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How Addiction Can Perpetuate Violent Crime

How Addiction Can Perpetuate Violent Crime

Addiction can perpetuate violent crime on a personal, relational and public level. Kansas City residents who have dealt with addiction may understand that it is a contagious disease, meaning its effects impact most everyone in the addict’s life, friend or passerby. Seek professional help to address addiction and its effects, such as violence.

How Addiction Sparks Violent Behavior

Addiction is a disease of the brain, as it alters decision-making, judgment, impulse control, emotional processing and one’s behavior. Being under the influence of a mind-altering substance can initiate aggressive behavior, as Kansas City residents will not think clearly while intoxicated. Individuals can also be driven to violent behavior from the effects of addiction. Additionally, addicts are consumed by drug abuse. They rarely act with a clear mind, because they are preoccupied with maintaining their addiction and preventing withdrawal symptoms. Their thoughts and behaviors are fueled by obsessive urges to find, purchase and use more drugs to get their fix. This can drive addicts to commit acts they would normally avoid while sober.

When addiction becomes severe enough, the behavior of a Kansas City drug addict is no longer under her control; rather, it is controlled by the addiction. Mind-altering substances usually cause erratic emotions, lack of impulse control and impaired judgment. Users may be hyper-sensitive, anxious, irritable and even delusional. Violent behavior is somewhat common due to drug abuse, and it can lead to serious mistakes that users may regret for the rest of their lives.

Substance Abuse, Addiction and Violent Crime

Substance abuse and addiction are associated with crime for a reason. Neighborhoods, communities and cities with high rates of substance abuse are areas of high disease. There are more people acting recklessly without inhibitions due to their obsession with addiction and the effects of intoxication. Violent crime may result from drug deals on the black market or from Kansas City residents acting under the influence of powerful drugs. When an environment is tarnished with addicts, other people are inclined to reciprocate this violent behavior to protect themselves and their family members. For many people, violence and substance abuse are just a way of life, as their family, neighborhood and community have set this example in childhood. Breaking this mold is tough, but every individual with the courage to seek help can improve his community.

Kansas City Addiction Help

Addiction is a horrific, heart-breaking disease that can affect personal relationships, the lives of a stranger and all of Kansas City. If you are ready to end an addiction, then call our toll-free helpline for recovery advice. Whether you have questions, would like information or are ready to find treatment, our admissions coordinators will be happy to help. Don’t waste your life, relationships, good health and livelihood on addiction. Get help today to overcome drug abuse.

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