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Insomnia and Addictions

Insomnia and Addictions

Insomnia and addiction may seem unrelated, but there is a relationship between the two disorders that can cause each to become worse in Kansas City. Insomnia may cause sufferers to turn to drugs or alcohol in order to minimize symptoms, or people who are addicted to substances may begin to experience insomnia. Once a user suffers from both disorders, his or her life quickly becomes a pattern of insomnia, withdrawal symptoms and substance abuse. Insomnia and addiction instigate each other and cause each problem to become worse. The relationship between addiction and insomnia is complicated and requires treatment to understand and to overcome the disorders in Kansas City.

Insomnia Leads to Addiction

It is very common for users to report that they suffered from insomnia before suffering from addiction. People who suffer from insomnia will try anything to go to sleep. Insomniacs may begin taking more sleep medication than they are prescribed, or they may be abusing other substances such as alcohol, pain medications, or anxiety medications. Abusing a substance in order to find sleep can lead to dependence and eventually addiction in Kansas City. As you increase the amount of substance you take, your body will begin to require more of it in order to fall asleep, which causes dependence. When you are addicted to a substance, all that matters is using in order to relieve withdrawal symptoms.

Addiction’s Relationship with Insomnia

Whether your insomnia led to addiction or your addiction is causing insomnia, the relationship between the disorders is complicated, and the only way to heal is to understand how they each function. Traditional addiction treatment does not address the relationship between addiction and mental disorders such as insomnia, so it requires special treatment such as Dual Diagnosis treatment. Dual Diagnosis treatment focuses on the relationship between addiction and insomnia and teaches you how to overcome your addiction while managing your insomnia symptoms in Kansas City.

You Can Beat Insomnia and Addiction

With treatment, you can overcome your addiction and minimize your insomnia symptoms in Kansas City. Our toll-free helpline is available 24 hours a day, and our trained addiction experts are awaiting your call so they can answer your questions about co-occurring disorders and direct you to an effective treatment center that offers Dual Diagnosis treatment. If you would like more information on addiction, insomnia, or addiction treatment, call us today and learn how you can begin your recovery.

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