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Is a Kansas City Drug Rehab Appropriate for You?

Is a Kansas City drug rehab appropriate for you?It may not come as a surprise to you that there are many residents of Kansas City struggling with addiction who aren’t receiving treatment. The disturbing thing is that it’s often personal choice that stands in their way. Approximately 23.1 million people had an addiction requiring rehab help in 2008, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health and only about 10 percent were admitted into a treatment program. Ninety-five percent of these individuals stated that they didn’t believe they needed treatment, while other factors, including cost, contributed to the lack of attendance by the remaining five percent. It’s essential for Kansas City addicts to recognize when help is needed by asking themselves a number of questions that can ensure they recognize their addictions.

Is My Drug Addiction Affecting My Family?

Those closest to you will be affected by your addiction substantially. As your behavior and moods change with your drug use, you may lash out at those closest to you, verbally abusing them or simply by cutting them out of your life. Under the haze of your addiction, you may not recognize you’re doing this, but your family will be able to attest to it. You can also consider how your family is living. If you’re one of the heads of household and they rely upon you for support, they may be sacrificing for your drug use.  Take a hard look at your spouse and your children — are they pinching pennies on things they shouldn’t have to like food, clothing or shelter, or going without entirely due to your drug use? You may not think that you need treatment, but don’t they deserve better?

Is My Drug Addiction Compromising My Job or Educational Success?

You have responsibilities at any stage of your life, and among your top priorities should be your job and your education. When  substance abuse gets out of hand, using instead becomes the top priority for most Kansas City addicts and that can be characterized by the following actions:

  • Showing up late or missing work or school entirely because it interferes with a binge or the acquisition of drugs.
  • Inability to concentrate on activities that are essential to your educational or career success.
  • Acting disrespectfully to superiors who can control your future achievements.
  • Demonstrating a general disinterest in fulfilling your responsibilities.

Is My Drug Addiction Causing Severe, Physical Effects?

Long-term substance abuse can lead to a variety of physical effects that relate to your health or physical appearance. The effects vary depending upon your substance of choice, but these are a few things that you might be experiencing if you have an addiction:

  • You find that the substance you abuse doesn’t work like it used to. With some drugs, to replicate previous effects you may need to increase the dose or the frequency of use. Drugs that once stimulated feelings of euphoria may never provide those effects again regardless of how you use them due to a tolerance that’s formed.
  • You notice your physical appearance changing with weight loss, weight gain, hair loss, bloodshot eyes, sores or rashes on the skin, or you may have a generally sickly appearance.
  • You begin experiencing a greater number of minor illnesses or are diagnosed with issues related to the heart or respiratory system.
  • You experience withdrawal symptoms when you go a prolonged period without using.

Do You Need Rehab?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions and are among the 95 percent of Americans who does not believe they need treatment, then it’s time to rethink that and seek help. Call us today and we’ll help you find a Kansas City rehab detox facility that is right for you or your Kansas City loved one.

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