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Kansas City Rehab After-Care Options

Kansas City Rehab After-Care OptionsCompleting a rehab program successfully is a major mark of achievement for many Kansas City addicts, but it isn’t the end of their recovery journey. After rehab, you need to return to your life in Kansas City and face temptations for the first time since you became sober, and that can be challenging.  After-care options provide you with continued support as you reintegrate yourself into society, and statistics show that they greatly reduce instances of relapse. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, with rehab only, about 65 percent of people avoid relapse; when after-care is used, recovery success is closer to 80 percent. We can help you find an after-care program that will allow you to progress in your recovery, but first, continue reading to better understand what it is and why it’s so essential.

Sober Living Homes for Rehab After-Care

If you complete rehab but don’t feel ready to throw yourself back into you regular routine, you have the option of going to a sober living home. You will move in with other addicts also in recovery as you begin to reintegrate yourself into a normal way of living. While in sober living, you’ll be encouraged to get a job and slowly start taking on more responsibility. Some of the structure that you had in rehab will be maintained as most sober living homes do ensure that residents abide by specific requirements — like stick to a curfew, for example. Sober living is a great option for individuals who feel they require more intensive after-care, but there are other options for those that would rather return home right away.

Outpatient Care for Kansas City Addicts

Outpatient treatment is the most suitable after-care option for recovering addicts who are ready to jump right back into their lives but need some support. You have the option of dropping in when you’re stressed and need to talk to someone who can relate to your addiction struggles, or if you’re experiencing temptation and require support.

The Importance of Choosing Addiction After-Care

When you choose to utilize an after-care program once you’ve completed rehab treatment, you will benefit your recovery in the following ways:

  • You won’t have to lose the community support you had in rehab. You’ll still be able to discuss your addiction struggles with others in recovery who can relate, which is essential as you readjust to your life.
  • You will limit your exposure to drugs or alcohol if you choose residential after-care.
  • You will have access to continued guidance from a professional who can provide you with personal advice during the transition period. For example, you may need help determining when you’re ready to return to work or when you may be capable of attending social events without being tempted by drugs or alcohol.

Finding Rehab After-Care for Kansas City Addicts

There are several after-care options available once you have finished your stay at a drug rehab program. You are encouraged to use these options individually, or in conjunction with one another. These after-care options allow you more stability following rehab. Call us today for more information.

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