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Springfield Missouri Drug Detox Programs

Springfield, Missouri, the third largest city in the state, is known as The Queen City of the Ozarks, referring to its geography. Springfield is located at the gateway of the highland regions of the United States. It is also situated near the Population Center of the country. Springfield, like many other cities, has been reinvented in the last few years. Old buildings are being renovated to make way for a newer, younger cultural center. This makes Springfield one of the up and coming places to be in Missouri.

As a city focused on growth, it’s an area that appeals to young professionals, a demographic that abuses Vicodin the most of any age group. If you’re  a resident of Springfield that has been using Vicodin for non-medicinal reasons you need to recognize it’s time to seek treatment help, and the information below should help push you to make the right decision.

Springfield Vicodin Addiction

Vicodin is a medication prescribed to treat pain and is classified as an opiate. While it can be used properly, those taking the drug consistently for 2 or more weeks are at risk of addiction.  A two-prong approach is recommended to individuals with a Vicodin (or any opiate) addiction. A rehab-detox combination program addresses both the mental and physical consequences of addiction and is your best option.

You may not believe that you need treatment help for your addiction, or even recognize that you do have a depdendancy. Ask yourself the following questions to help you understand the reality of your addiction:

  • Do you need the Vicodin for a medicinal reason? Or are you taking it simply because you feel withdrawal symptoms when you stop or feel you just can’t function without it?
  • Have you increased your Vicodin dose? If so, and it’s been done without approval from your doctor, you are engaging in dangerous behavior.
  • Do you feel the drugs no longer have the same effects as they did when you began taking them?
  • Is your drug use interfering with your ability to function and keep up with your responsibilities to your family, work or school?
  • Are you saving your Vicodin to ensure you never run out, or going to more than one doctor for prescriptions?

Even if you only answered “yes” to a few of these questions, there’s a strong potential that you have an addiction, and you need to seek treatment help because there’s no way that you’ll break the cycle on your own.

Residential Rehab Programs for Springfield Addicts

Vicodin is an opiate and has highly addictive properties, making long-term, residential rehab the most appropriate option for recovery.  During treatment that spans at least 30 days your physical addiction will be treated, followed by any psychological components. An entrance assessment will determine what your specific course of treatment will be and it could include cognitive behavior therapy or dual diagnosis treatment.

Finding Drug Treatment Help

If you have a problem with Vicodin addiction, detox and rehab facilities are something to consider. Call us toll-free today and speak to one of our well-trained counselors. Let them know that you believe you have an addiction based on the questions above. We can educate you about your drug rehab options and help you find a facility that best suits your needs.

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