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A Weak Immune System, Addiction, and Illness

A Weak Immune System, Addiction, and Illness

Our brains and immune systems are closely linked, and the brain actually contains more immune cells than neural wiring. These immune cells protect the brain and let it and the body know when we are sick and need to rest to allow the body to heal during and after illness. We know the immune system changes how we feel, but this close relationship means the immune system also affects thoughts and behaviors. When we are sick, we feel sleepy and lethargic, but we also often feel grumpy or depressed. While dopamine is the brain chemical most affected by drug use and responsible for addiction, the immune cells within the brain are also highly susceptible to the effects of drugs and have a similar role in shaping thought patterns and behaviors. While the immune system influences addiction development, drug abuse, and addiction damage or interfere with the proper functioning of the immune system. This effect of drug abuse and addiction may be unknown to many addicts and their loved ones in Kansas City, making it doubly important for those in recovery to take special care of their recovering bodies. Read moreRead more

What Should You Look for in a Women's Addiction Program?

What Should You Look for in a Women’s Addiction Program?

The effectiveness of a treatment program for addiction is largely based on how well-received the program is by the patient. Even some of the most important therapeutic approaches may fail if the patient is not comfortable with the overall atmosphere. This is especially true in the case of addiction treatment for women. Feeling unsafe or stressed about her surroundings might make it difficult for a woman to concentrate on getting the desired benefits from the program. Read moreRead more