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What to Do If Your Family Does Not Support Your Recovery

What to Do If Your Family Does Not Support Your Recovery

Addicted individuals in Kansas City do not always have support from their families. The negative consequences of addiction seem to be contagious in that they do not only impact the addict’s life or the relationships with others, but they can cause major problems in the lives of others. The tight-knit relationships that characterize most families can be destroyed by the unfortunate effects of addiction. Family members may have hurt feelings or feel angry toward the addict. Fights, arguments, misunderstandings, loss of trust, loss of respect, financial issues and other problems can infiltrate families where addiction is present. Read moreRead more

Do I Need Drug Rehab?

Do I Need Drug Rehab?Kansas City drug users often believe they can manage their substance abuse, but drug rehab is often needed for lasting recovery. Drug users lose control of their lives and soon live only to get and use drugs. If you have worries about whether or not you need rehab services, take a second look at your drug use.
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