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Role Models and Addiction Prevention

Role Models and Addiction Prevention

Since birth, everybody has always looked up to someone – whether it be their parents, siblings, grandparents or others – role models have always played a role in an Kansas City resident’s life. For some, these role models might have been negative, especially if they where not engaged in teaching right from wrong or led through negative examples. However, there are many positive role models throughout the world today, including everyone from parents and teens to movie stars and authors.

How Role Models Can Prevent Addiction

Being a role model is a privilege, and many Kansas City residents take this role seriously, providing a positive influence on those who look up to them. These individuals are in the perfect position to help in the war against substance abuse and can actively prevent addiction in the following ways:

  • Leading by example – A positive role model does not engage in recreational substance abuse. By doing this, a role model can show that even as an adult, the misuse of substances can be dangerous and engaging in those behaviors at any age is not a good idea.
  • Providing education – Role models are also in the position to provide education to those who look up to them. This means that they can talk openly about substance abuse to help those around them better understand how drugs and alcohol can  negatively impact their lives. Information is power, especially when it comes to preventing addiction.
  • Promoting communication – One of the most important things a role model can do is make it clear to the individuals who look up to him that they can always talk about drugs and alcohol abuse with them. This means they can come to them with any questions they might have, as well as talk to others in their lives about the dangers of addiction and voice their concerns. The more role models encourage discussion about addiction, the more education others can receive and the less likely they will be to suffer from addiction.

Role models in Kansas City can help prevent addiction by leading by example, providing education, and promoting communication to those who look up to them.

Benefits of Being a Good Role Model

Not only can being a good role model help you help those who look up to you to prevent addiction, but you can also influence them in ways that encourage them to do the same for future Kansas City generations. By consistently remaining a positive role model, you are allowing others to learn through you in ways that will help keep education and prevention methods going in the future.

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