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Staying Clean from Drugs

Staying Clean from DrugsGetting off drugs is tough, and staying off them can be tougher, but it is not impossible. The most effective tip for staying clean is learning from the professionals who have helped countless others from Kansas City. Addiction is a disease, and the most successful treatment for any disease comes from professionals.

How Kansas City Residents Can Get off Drugs

Kansas City residents may try to quit on their own, but addiction recovery is anything but a go-it-alone process. It is a combination of medical science, behavioral therapies and group support that targets the person as a whole. The following are ways a treatment center can take the sting out of getting clean:

  • Taper a patient off the drug to minimize otherwise uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms
  • Offer pharmacological therapies if needed
  • Provide medical supervision to address health issues addiction caused or hid
  • Treat any mood disorder or mental health issue that reveals itself during detox
  • Provide a relaxed setting for the most comfortable detox possible

Tools to Stay off Drugs in Kansas City

If you are asking how to stay clean from drugs, you are avoiding the tragic misconception that getting off drugs is the main fight. Getting clean is just the opening round. After detox rehab centers equip patients with the essential tools to stay off drugs and maximize their newfound sobriety. Rehab centers do the following:

  • Teach Kansas City residents to identify social and environmental triggers for drug use
  • Offer counseling to break the psychological dependence
  • Instill confidence that lifelong recovery can happen
  • Help the patient heal relationships damaged by addiction
  • Offer group therapy where patients express feelings, receive support and help others
  • Prepare for potholes that may lie ahead
  • Address emotional issues or past traumatic events
  • Develop a new set of life skills that discourage relapse
  • Provide aftercare counseling to keep the recovery strong

Once a person exits a rehab center, it is vitally important to join a recovery community. Some people feel so empowered by treatment that they think they can swing the rest of the journey alone. While it is good to be confident, joining a support community is the best way to ensure a long-lasting recovery. If nothing else helping others can have a powerful impact on your own journey.

Help Staying Clean for Kansas City Residents

Whether you are currently using drugs or your recovery is in jeopardy, our addiction experts can help. We are available 24 hours a day through our toll-free helpline to answer questions, evaluate problems and provide advice for a drug-free life in Kansas City. We can also see if your health insurance covers drug treatment. Getting clean and staying clean are acts best accomplished with help, and we are here for you. Call today.