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What to Do If Your Family Does Not Support Your Recovery

What to Do If Your Family Does Not Support Your Recovery

Addicted individuals in Kansas City do not always have support from their families. The negative consequences of addiction seem to be contagious in that they do not only impact the addict’s life or the relationships with others, but they can cause major problems in the lives of others. The tight-knit relationships that characterize most families can be destroyed by the unfortunate effects of addiction. Family members may have hurt feelings or feel angry toward the addict. Fights, arguments, misunderstandings, loss of trust, loss of respect, financial issues and other problems can infiltrate families where addiction is present.

Because of these discrepancies, it can be very difficult for family members and friends to intervene to help the addict after they have been hurt. It is even common for family members to think it is not their place to intervene if they have lost contact with the addict in Kansas City or are no longer as close as they once were. This is to be expected as it is just as common for individuals still involved in the addict’s life to question whether it is their place to help. Anger, resentment, pain, confusion, fear and distance can all prevent family members from offering their support to a loved one ready for addiction treatment and recovery. This is unfortunate as support is one of the main components needed during this major life transformation, but addicts should fear not as there are several sources of recovery support other than family.

Finding Options for Addiction Recovery Support

Friends, colleagues and other individuals in the addict’s life can be just as supportive as a family can. Individuals who genuinely have the addict’s best interest at heart will be supportive when it comes to offering help in Kansas City. Emotional support can be found through these individuals as well as through support groups, recovery groups, aftercare programs, sponsors, therapists, counselors, community groups, church groups and more. Motivation, encouragement, accountability, advice, guidance and a listening ear can help a person through the difficult times in recovery and prevent relapse.

Aside from emotional support individuals may also need physical and financial support. Addiction recovery is a long process that requires focus and dedication. Addicts can need assistance while they are away in treatment from getting extra help at work, help around the house, carpooling kids and more. Both financial support and physical assistance can also be found through recovery services and support groups in Kansas City.

Resources for Addiction Recovery Support?

Do you feel helpless in your battle with addiction? Are you ready to find and achieve life-long sobriety but afraid you cannot get there with the lack of support from family and friends? If so, you should know that there are many people in Kansas City who experience the same feelings of isolation or are overwhelmed with the idea of attempting addiction recovery alone. Thankfully you do not have to go through treatment and recovery by yourself. There are several people who are ready to lend a helping hand if you are ready to get help. To find resources for addiction recovery support, you can call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline and speak with a recovery professional who is happy to help. Whether you have questions, need information, or are ready to find the resources and services that are right for you and your recovery, a recovery professional is ready to assist you with your needs. You’re ready for recovery, and we’re ready to help get and keep you there! Call today.

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