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When to Seek Drug Treatment

When to Seek Drug Treatment

Drug use does not always lead to addiction. Some Kansas City residents are able to use drugs recreationally and not become dependent, but any person will become addicted if drugs are used regularly enough or if there are underlying factors such as genetics, past trauma or mental health issues. Certain drugs may have a more addictive agent than others, but all drugs can lead to addiction.

Behaviors Related to Drug Addiction

Because the use of a drug does not always correlate to drug addiction and because it is difficult to see addiction in yourself, it is helpful to identify and understand the signs of addiction. These signs include the following:

  • Feeling as though the drug is a necessary part of each day in Kansas City
  • Attempts to stop using the drug have failed
  • Frequent thoughts dedicated to obtaining the drug and when you will next use it
  • Financial troubles as a result of the cost of your drug
  • Desire for the drug leads to actions outside of typical behavior
  • Relying on the high that the drug provides to cope with trauma or stress
  • Use of the drug in risky scenarios such as driving
  • Dedication time and energy to the drug
  • The use of the drug is negatively affecting job performance
  • Decreases in energy, productivity and motivation related to drug use
  • Avoidance of people or places where honest interaction is inevitable
  • Continuing drug use despite awareness of the consequences of addiction

The symptoms of drug abuse are objective. It is difficult for Kansas City residents to acknowledge addiction, as the addicted brain will create justifications and rationalizations for use. How you feel and how you view your own situation is affected by your personal bias.

Drug Treatment for Kansas City Residents

There is a difference between acknowledging your addiction and acknowledging your addiction and attempting to end it. It is up to you, as the addict or friend of the addict, to take action. Just as identifying addiction can be compromised by personal bias, recovery can be challenged by subjectivity and a lack of accountability. Fortunately there are objective, intelligent and professional counselors and rehab facilities available for Kansas City residents.

What Do I Do If I Think I’m Addicted?

If you or someone that you love struggles with drug abuse or addiction, reach out and get the help that you need. Our 24 hour toll-free helpline is operated by professionals who can answer insurance questions, guide you towards an effective treatment option and help you determine if it is time to seek drug treatment. Use this free resource to give yourself a chance at a drug-free life in Kansas City.

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