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Why Choose a Kansas City Detox Program?

Why Choose a Kansas City Detox ProgramAccording to a report published by the DEA in 2009, the top two drugs confiscated were the psychologically addictive marijuana and cocaine. Physically addictive drugs like crystal meth and heroin, however, weren’t far behind in the statistics. This outlines the depth of dangerous drug abuse in Kansas City and across the country, and also proves that there’s a high demand for drug detox. If you’ve been using a physically addictive drug and aren’t sure about the most appropriate course of treatment, we’d like to help you explore your options with more information about drug detox below.

Why Is Detox Important for Kansas City Addicts?

Detox is an essential part of the recovery process for Kansas City addicts using physically addictive substances for the following reasons:

  • Risks of withdrawal complications are reduced. Withdrawal symptoms are normal when use of any physically addictive drug is stopped. In rare cases, the withdrawal symptoms can be fatal. By attending drug detox, your health and safety becomes a priority.
  • Withdrawal symptoms are reduced. Symptoms of withdrawal are alleviated in detox which prevents relapse. If you were to try and stop using on your own, you may not be able to tolerate them and that could cause you to use.
  • The physical dependency is eliminated. Once the drugs are no longer in your system, you can focus on your psychological recovery. For this reason, many rehab facilities do require you to go to detox first.

What Are the Risks of Avoiding Detox?

If you choose not to get detox help, then you’ll find that the cycle of drug addiction continues. Every time you use your drug of choice, you are putting yourself at risk due to the following effects they have upon your health:

  • Cocaine: When you abuse cocaine, your blood vessels become constricted, you can cause serious damage to the nasal passage and can get gangrene of the bowel
  • Heroin: The long-term effects of heroin use can include collapsed veins, infection of the heart lining and valves, arthritis and diseases like HIV and hepatitis.
  • Marijuana: The effects of marijuana impact your life much more than your health. You put a lot at risk when choosing to abuse marijuana, and it’s also a gateway drug.
  • Meth: Behavior and mental health are more affected by use of meth than physical health, but this is still incredibly damaging

Finding Detox Drug Treatment

Withdrawal can be painful, overwhelming and nearly impossible to overcome without professional help. Call our toll-free number and learn more about the treatment options that best suit your individual needs. Speak with one of our well-trained counselors about you or your Kansas City loved one entering¬† a detox program. Achieving sobriety is a long journey, but you don’t have to go through it alone.

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