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Independence, Missouri Drug Detox Programs

Independence, Missouri Drug Detox ProgramsIndependence, Missouri is a thriving metropolis located in the greater Kansas City area. It is the fourth largest city in the state with a population of over 120,000, and home to the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum.

While it’s a city filled with culture and history, Independence still suffers with its share of drug abuse. Over a five-year period, nearly 50,000 Missouri residents were admitted to a treatment program, according to the National Substance Abuse Index. Societal costs of drug abuse in the state are estimated around $7 billion per year. Opiates make a large contribution to this total burden. For example, the lifetime cost to treat 50 HIV positive patients (contracted from heroin injection) is estimated at $7.9 million, according to The Missouri Department of Mental Health. The earlier Independence residents choose to get help for their addictions for opiates and other drugs, the less their addictions weigh upon their state government and other members of society. As an Independence, Missouri resident, you can make a positive contribution to your local community by educating yourself on the risks of common addictions and the treatment options available.  Below we’ve provided you with some helpful information, call us to learn more.

Independence Opiate Addiction

With a thriving metropolitan population, it is no surprise that Independence, like most urban centers, faces an ongoing drug abuse problem. The state of Missouri ranks 14th in the US for illicit drug use with 9.2 percent of the population admitting to using. Opiate usage (such as heroin and morphine) is believed by some experts to be on the rise in recent years. Opiates are incredibly dangerous as they disrupt the natural opiates already existing in the brain and interfere with neurological function. Treatment is essential for opiate addicts, and the first essential step towards recovery is detox.

Importance of Detox for Opiate Addiction

Opiates are classified as physically addictive drugs, making a detox program necessary for the following reasons:

  • Opiate withdrawal can be intolerable. Severe withdrawal symptoms occur when an opiate addict stops using. These symptoms can include headaches, vomiting, muscle aches, insomnia, anxiety and abdominal cramps. In detox, these symptoms can be treated. An addict who tries to detox on their own may relapse to stop the discomfort they’re experiencing from withdrawal.
  • There are severe long-term effects of opiate abuse. Since the majority of opiate addicts are unable to detox independently, those who do not go to a detox treatment program are unlikely to break their cycle of addiction. This puts them at risk of contracting HIV, experiencing spontaneous abortion and developing infections in the heart valves. There is also a high risk of overdose.
  • Opiate abuse is linked to crime. Not only do opiate addicts put their health at risk, they may have more exposure to criminal behavior that could lead to major legal problems.

In order to avoid these consequences, all opiate addicts could benefit from enrolling in a detox facility.

Drug Detox Programs for Independence, Missouri Addicts

Having a source of outreach is an essential part of treating any individual’s opiate addiction.Well-trained counselors can provide you with advice and support that will carry you through the recovery process.. Please contact us via our toll-free number if you would like to speak to someone regarding your treatment options.

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