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Overland Park, Kansas Drug Detox Programs

Overland Park, Kansas Drug Detox ProgramsOverland Park, Kansas is the second largest city in the state with a population of 175,000 and growing. It has consistently ranked high in the CNN/Money Magazine’s 100 Best Cities To Live In The United States and  was ranked seventh overall in 2010. The city was also ranked third in 2009 as one of “America’s Ten Best Places to Grow Up.” Overland Park has an excellent school system and is attractive to new employers, making it a warm and friendly community for everyone.

Even in the nicest communities, drug use still occurs and drug addicts accustomed to a comfortable way of living may have particular treatment needs. This is especially true of the 16 percent of addicts who are female. In Overland Park, there are 100 females for every 94 males, meaning there are a great number of residents that must carefully consider the type of facility they’re comfortable attending, and the demographic of patients they’ll feel best about having in their company during the duration of treatment.

Selecting Appropriate Detox Care for Women

Regardless of your background, selecting the appropriate type of rehab care is essential for your recovery success as a female addict. These questions can help you evaluate your treatment needs:

  1. Are you comfortable staying in an environment where there are people of all ages and all genders?
  2. Are you comfortable opening up to either males or females?
  3. Would you like to be in an environment where only those who best relate to you are present?
  4. Would you prefer an environment where staff are used to providing treatment to a certain demographic of patients so they can address your unique needs?

There are other factors to consider when choosing a rehab facility but if you answered “yes” to the latter questions and “no” to the first, then you’re best-suited to a rehab facility that only accepts patients of one gender. These questions can be asked of men, but typically it’s women that feel greater comfort when in the companionship of others of the same gender. So below we’ve provided more details on treatment for female addicts to help you understand the benefits you’ll receive when you choose women-only detox.

Women-Only Drug Detox for Overland Park Addicts

Female addicts have some unique recovery needs due to the following characteristics of addiction that are unique to this gender:

  • Women form drug addictions more quickly.
  • Women are more likely to experience psychological setbacks in treatment.
  • Female addicts often struggle with depression, low self-esteem and may have poor nutritional habits.
  • The detox process can differ for women due to lower body weight and different withdrawal reactions.
  • Certain underlying psychological issues can be unique to women in terms of how they manage memories of  emotional abuse, physical and sexual abuse.

Detox that’s just for women can provide appropriate treatment for these unique needs to provide Overland Park, Kansas addicts with the greatest recovery benefits.

Finding Detox and Drug Treatment for Women

If you are seeking treatment for a drug addiction and interested learning more about a women-only program for Overland Park residents, give us a call at our toll-free number. Our counselors are happy to work with you to find a program that best suits your individual needs and help you down the road to recovery.

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