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Topeka, Kansas Drug Detox Programs

Topeka, Kansas Drug Detox ProgramsThe city of Topeka is the capital of Kansas and sits along the Kansas River. The population of Topeka and its surrounding areas is estimated at over 230,000, making this region  a buzzing urban center. Topeka has a rich history with roots in civil rights and lawmaking, centering around the Brown v. Board of Education trial. Topeka is also home to several schools, public gardens and the Combat Air Museum, making it a great place for business or leisure.

Kansas does not rank among the top US states for crime or drug use, but there are still many residents who struggle with addiction. In the state of Kansas, 66 percent of individuals who enroll in a rehab program are men, and alcohol abuse combined with other drug use is the most common vice. These addicts make up 27 percent of the state’s rehab patients, followed by alcohol alone, while marijuana ranks third at 24 percent. The state does have fairly substantial cocaine use (smoked), but heroin use is below the national average, according to The National Substance Abuse Index. With drugs classified as psychologically addictive used more than the physically addictive drugs by Kansas addicts, often a suitable treatment option is outpatient care. We’ve provided you with more information below so you can decide if it’s the right treatment option for you as you struggle with your own addiction.

Why Outpatient Rehab Programs Are Popular with Topeka Residents

Since many Kansas residents abuse psychologically addictive substances, outpatient rehab is often a sufficient choice for rehab. Contrary to popular opinion, drug detox services can be provided outside of residential rehab. The outpatient treatment structure is popular for the following benefits that it offers:

  • Outpatient treatment offers a great deal of flexibility as it allows you to drop by for treatment on your own schedule, even when you’re receiving detox treatment.
  • Outpatient treatment is a more affordable option for many addicts who don’t have endless financial resources. On average, you can expect to pay around $1,700 per visit for standard care, and around $5,000 for detox with medication.
  • You don’t need to worry about losing your job if you’ve been functioning despite your addiction, as your treatment schedule can work around it.
  • If your illicit drugs of choice have been marijuana or cocaine, they are primarily psychologically addictive and both group and individual counseling are available to deal with these resulting issues.
  • If you’re undergoing detox treatment. you simply need to drop by a pre-determined location to pick up your daily or weekly dose of medication.

Finding Drug Detox for Topeka Addicts

Call us today at our toll-free number if you are interested in learning more about outpatient treatment programs that are located all over the US. It is often helpful to get outside your home environment for whatever rehab treatment you choose; this allows you to fully focus on your recovery away from temptations that supported your addiction. We can help you determine the right treatment option for you and how to find the help you need!

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