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Westwood, Kansas Drug Detox Programs

Westwood, Kansas is a small city located in Johnson County with a population of fewer than 2,000. It’s located just a few minutes outside the heart of Kansas City, Missouri.  The town’s location combines small-town living with urban accessibility. Whether it be exploring Westwood locally or experiencing the culture of Kansas City, nothing is off limits to the people of Westwood. Like most US locations, Westwood is plagued by the growing prescription drug epidemic. You may not want to admit that you also have a problem with this type of drug use, but the information we’ve provided below should help you recognize and address it.

Prescription Drug Addiction in Westwood, Kansas

The small-town environment combined with big-city accessibility means Westwood’s drug activity is similar to that of a more urban locale.  With little extracurricular activity in Westwood itself, drug problems are prevalent in the area.

In the entire state there are more than 175,000 people abusing drugs of any sort and some of these addicts reside in Westwood. Prescription drug abuse in Kansas has become so prevalent that in 2010 The Kansas Health Institute launched an online, prescription drug monitoring system to try and minimize drug abuse.

While prescription drug addicts often believe that the medications they abuse are safer than street drugs, the fact that they’re legal doesn’t dissolve the risks of abuse. In addition to the risks prescription drug use poses to health and lifestyle, accidental overdoses are not uncommon. The CDC reported in 2004 that more than 20,000 deaths were attributed to drug poisoning, and while all of these fatalities cannot be blamed on prescription drugs alone, they were responsible for more than half. You are putting yourself in harm’s way with your drug use and once that’s recognized, you can explore the treatment options.

Treating Prescription Drug Abuse in Westwood Residents

The treatment for substance abuse addictions, particularly with opiates and prescription drugs involves two phases:

  1. Detoxification: helps eliminate the drug from your body. Throughout the course of detox treatment, you will experience physical withdrawal symptoms which may be managed by medications under a doctor’s supervision.
  2. Rehabilitation: detox focuses upon the physical addiction, while rehab helps you overcome the mental components of your addiction.  Different psychotherapy techniques will be used on you based on the specific characteristics of your addiction and your drug use history.

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